10 Best Earphones Under 2000 INR You Can Buy

Choosing a pair of earphones doesn’t have to be hard as long as you know what you are looking for. The task does seem a little daunting seeing the number of options out there, however, if you know what you like and you have your budget set, it shouldn’t take you long to find the perfect pair of earphones for you. The best part about earphone shopping is that now you don’t have to spend upwards of tens of thousands of rupees just to get a pair of capable earphones. In fact, now you can find earphones which sound exceptionally good in just under 2000 INR. So, if you are looking for a pair of earphones which not only sound good but also don’t burn a hole in your pocket, check out our list of the 10 best earphones under 2000 INR you can buy:

Best Earphones Under 2000 INR (August 2018)

1. Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium

Sony makes some of the best earphones on the market and their Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium is one of the best pairs of earphones that you can buy under 2000 INR. The Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium features 12 mm neodymium drivers which deliver powerful extra bass and is suited for people who like that extra thump. The headphones especially sound good when you are listening to EDM or rap music as the beats are very pronounced and sound exceptional. I also love the fact that Sony is using a metallic housing which makes this one a very strong pair of earphones.

There’s also an inline mic which allows users to take calls hands-free, a feature which will certainly please users who make a ton of calls. By far my favorite thing about the Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium is the design of its ear tips. They fit snuggly inside my ears and block outside noise as best as passive noise canceling earphones can. Another good design choice made by Sony is the use of serrated wire which keeps the earphones untangled. The Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium also comes with a carrying pouch which is good if you always seem to break your earphones. This is a very premium pair of earphones and you will love them.

Buy From Amazon: ₹1,952

2. Sennheiser CX 275 S

The Sennheiser CX 275 S might not be the best looking pair of earphones on this list but they are certainly one of the best sounding ones. The Sennheiser CX 275 S bring high powered dynamic speaker systems for great bass-driven stereo sound. I have used the Sennheiser CX 275 S in the past and I can assure you that they sound phenomenal. The earphones cover the entire frequency range, delivering good lows and excellent highs. The earphones are also very light. Coming at just 15 grams, they don’t get uncomfortable even when you use them for longer durations.

The earphones come with three pairs of different sized ear adapters and a carrying pouch. The former that the earphone fits snuggly in your ears no matter the size of your ear canals, while the latter is there for protecting your earphones while carrying. Just like the Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium the Sennheiser CX 275 S also features an inline mic making it easier to make hands-free calls and play/pause music without taking out your smartphone.

Buy From Amazon: ₹1,554

3. OnePlus Bullets V2

OnePlus is mainly known for its smartphones which deliver exceptional value for money by bringing flagship-level specs at almost half the price. However, many people don’t know that the company also makes exceptional earphones which not only sound good but are also budget friendly. Their Bullets V2 is one of the best-designed earphones on this list and looks absolutely premium. With its metal casing featuring chamfered edges and flat wire, the earphone brings a look which is hard to ignore. The flat wires also ensure that they don’t tangle, giving the earphones a longer life.

Coming to the audio quality of the earphones, the Bullets V2 sound as good as any other pair of earphones on this list. The earbuds’ feather-light in-ear chambers, weighing only 2 grams, reduces distortion caused by cavity resonance and allows for more natural sound reproduction. What this means is that the earphones sound natural and you don’t feel any distortion even at the highest volume. This makes it great for users who are used to blasting music in their ears at full volume. While it’s not a good practice and will certainly harm your ears, at least you will be able to enjoy the music while doing it.

Buy From Amazon: ₹1,199

4. Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD

Just like OnePlus, Xiaomi is also known for manufacturing and selling smartphones and accessories which bring far better value for money than the products by most of the companies out there. Just like its other products, Xiaomi’s Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD, apart from bringing a big name, also brings a ton of value for money. First of all, the earphones look absolutely beautiful featuring modern design. They also use metal construction for both the eardrums and the inline mic. The inline mic, by the way, offers three tactical buttons which can be used to control music and make or reject calls.

When it comes to sound quality, the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD doesn’t disappoint. The earphones use dual-dynamic and balanced armature drivers made from graphene which pump out sounds with fuller and richer details. The earphones bring a balanced sound by keeping the bass and mid tones mellow. While the larger dynamic driver is responsible for the lower audio ranges, the smaller dynamic driver takes care of the higher audio ranges. When they both are combined with armature driver, they produced resoundingly richer and fuller sounds. They might be the highest costing pair of earphones on this list, but they are certainly worth the price.

Buy From Xiaomi: ₹1,999

5. JBL T205 Pure Bass Metal

JBL’s name is synonymous with good audio quality and its JBL T205 Pure Bass Metal earphones are no different. The earphones feature a premium metal ear-housing design which provides and enables a better wearing comfort along with better sound clarity, exemplary bass, and ambient noise reduction. I also love the use of flat cable as it makes the earphones less prone to tangle. The earphones are also lightweight, comfortable, and compact. They also feature an inline mic which can be used for both music controls and to accept/reject calls.

The earphones feature a pair of 12.5 mm drivers which can punch out some serious bass. At the same time, the earphones have been tuned in such a way that the bass never overpowers other frequencies. If you are a metal head you will certainly enjoy listening to your favorite songs on this one. One of my most favorite things about this pair of earphones is its earbuds’ design. They fit quite comfortably in my ears and don’t come out even when I am doing heavy physical work. Overall, the JBL T205 Pure Bass Metal is one of the best pairs of earphones that you can buy in the under 2000 INR price range.

Buy From Amazon: ₹1,199

6. Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2

The Skullcandy Smokin’ 2 Buds are one of my favorite pair of earphones on this list. First of all, their see-through design makes these very unique and I quite like the transparent look of the eardrums. I also love the earbuds’ design as they not only fit easily in one’s ears but also do a very good job of keeping the ambient noise out. In fact, this is probably the best pair of earphones on this list as far as ambient noise cancellation is concerned. Just like the others, the Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 also features an inline mic which can be used for controlling the music and making calls.

The Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its audio quality. The earphones produce attacking and powerful bass, warm and natural vocals, and precision highs. The lows could have been a little better, but the overall sound quality is pretty amazing. The earphones also use flat cables which is less prone to tangling and normally has a longer life than the normal round cables. The earphones are made from moisture-resistant materials and are less likely to be harmed by sweat, so you can enjoy music even when you are exercising or doing any other physically demanding activity. Lastly, I just love the company’s logo design which earns this one an extra point.

Buy From Amazon: ₹1,699

7. 1MORE Piston Classic

Compared to other companies on this list, 1MORE is a fairly new player in the earphones’ market of India. That said, the company has quickly made its name by manufacturing and selling quality earphones at reasonable prices. The 1MORE Piston Classic is a prime example of what the company does. The earphones bring a premium design and construction along with a ton of features while not costing a lot. The 1MORE Piston Classic features a retro-modern design and uses metallic drums which not only look cool but are also very sturdy. They also come in a number of color choices matching that of iPhones. So, if you are an iPhone owner, you can certainly color match the earphones with your Phone.

When it comes to sound quality, the company promises that it collaborated with internationally acclaimed producer, mixer, and sound engineer Luca Bignardi to perfect the final tuning to deliver a precise representation of your favorite artist’s intended sound. While I don’t know about that, I can certainly say these earphones sound really good. The earphones pack dual damping systems which take pressure off the driver to minimize distortion, reduce ear fatigue, and enhance spaciousness and low end. While these are not as powerful as the Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium, they certainly get loud enough that you don’t have a problem even in noisy environments. The 1More Piston Classic certainly deserves a place on this list and you should definitely check this out.

Buy From Amazon: ₹1,599

8. Brainwavz Delta

The Brainwavz Delta is a good looking pair of earphones which promises to deliver exceptional sound quality at affordable prices. The earphones feature a unique design and make use of metal eardrums. When it comes to sound quality, the Brainwavz Delta produces vocals and instruments with detailed clarity, letting your music sound as good as their artists intended. They are also one of the few pairs of earphones in the market which makes every kind of music sound good. While this means is that you lose on things like heavy bass, you do get an overall more balanced audio quality. Just like other earphones this one also features an inline mic which allows users to control their music and calls. If this is something you want, you should definitely check this out.

Buy From Amazon: ₹1,999

9. Freesolo S8 Wireless Sport Earbuds

If you don’t want to deal with cables, there are also a couple of wireless earbuds below 2000 INR and the Freesolo S8 Wireless Sports Earbuds is one of the best you can get. One of the biggest concern with owning wireless earbuds is their battery life. Well, I don’t think that it will be a problem here as the earphones bring an exceptional 150 hours of standby time with 5-6 hours music playback time. One of the biggest features of Freesolo S8 Wireless Sports Earbuds is that it’s both sweat and splash resistant. It makes this an ideal pair of earphones for working out, jogging, or running.

As you can see, the Freesolo S8 Wireless Sport Earbuds is quite functional, that said, don’t expect the sound quality to be as good as the ones given by wired earphones on this list. That doesn’t mean that these pair of earphones sound terrible by any means, in fact, as far as wireless earbuds go, they sound quite good. However, if you want the best sound quality for your money, you should spend it on a wired pair of earphones. On the other hand, if you want something to wear while working out whether indoors or outdoors, these are certainly one of the best you can get in our price limit.

Buy From Amazon: ₹1,199

10. WeCool WCZ10

We will end our list with another pair of wireless earbuds which are specially designed to help you listen to your favourite music while doing physically intensive tasks. The WeCool WCZ10 feature around-the-ear ear-fins which keep the earphones in place. They also feature a longer battery life than Freesolo S8 Wireless Sport Earbuds offering 6-8 hours of talk time and music playback along with over 180 hours of standby time. The earphones also feature both volume and power control right at the ear tips making it easier for you to control your music. I will be the first one to say that these earbuds are not going to win any design award, however, they are highly functional. If you fall in their use-case scenario, you should definitely check them out.

Buy From Amazon: ₹1,499

The Best Earphones Under 2000 Rs in August 2018

That ends our list of the 10 best earphones that you can buy under 2000 INR. Whatever your requirement, I think you will find a pair of earphone which suits your needs here. Do check the list out and let us know which is your favourite pair of earphones from the list by writing in the comments section below. Also, if you are already using a pair of the earphones and are happy with it, share its name too.