Google’s new image format, WEBP, allows lossless compression of online images into less than one-third size than PNG or JPEG. But it is still not supported by most of the image viewing and processing tools like Picassa, and not even natively supported in Adobe Photoshop. You can identify a WEBP image by checking “File Type” while downloading.

Follow these steps to download a WEBP file as JPEG or PNG:

  • Right-click or long-press (based on your device) on the image to open it in a new tab
  • The URL will contain either of the two chunks –
    • -rw” at the end, or
    • t_optimized,f_auto/” in the middle
  • Delete the URL chunk and press Enter
  • The image will now reload in its original format, which you can download using the “Save Image As” option.