Google’s Device Art Generator Introduces Frames for Pixel 2/2XL and Pixelbook

Google recently updated its device art generator with the recently released Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, and Pixelbook. Along with the new devices, Google has still kept the older devices, which are hidden at first but can be revealed by tapping on the ‘older devices’ text.

In order to use the new frames, all you need to do is drag a screenshot into the device of your choice, keeping in mind the aspect ratio of the original device and the Google device you’ll be using. Since the Pixel 2 XL has an 18:9 display, screenshots taken on a smartphone with a 16:9 display won’t fit the screen.

The tool also lets you select if you want a shadow and screen glare on the final device art which you can select on the second step of the process.