Halloween Garage Decorating Tips In 2021

The leaves turn from green to bronze, there’s a cool breeze in the air, and Halloween is just a few days away. This year, get the brooms out of your garage and twist some twine for a Halloween garage extravaganza kids and adults alike won’t forget! Below are 7 Halloween Garage Decorating Tips in 2021.

Halloween Garage Decorating Tips
  • Black Alley. Make a black lane from a 20ft x 100ft roll of black plastic sheeting. Hang it on garage door tracks, then go wild: spider webs, branches, brooms, flameless candles, hay bales and string, tombstones, jack ‘o’ lanterns, lights, hanging ornaments, heads talking, red and orange garland, rubber bats, spiders, and more. Lead the trick-or-treaters down the alley to get their treats.
  • Go Batty With Batting. The craft stick can go a long way in creating a large-scale spider web. Stretch stick parisons inside the garage or over the garage door in all directions and use wire or twine to hang creepy plastic bugs, spiders and snakes from each web.
  • Light the way. This year, it seems that everything is lighting up! Look for branch and twig lights, pumpkin or skull garlands, self-lit faux lanterns, flameless decorative light fixtures, and orange LED string lights. You can set the mood with lights for your indoor garage party or your chilli meal.
  • Barn dance. Take out the string, rake and shovels. For an effective garage transformation, take a trip to the countryside and return with two or three bales of hay. Spread a hay floor, tie hay and mason jar table favours, and use the balls for sitting on. Cut your pumpkins from the vines, take out all the farming tools you own to dress up the space, and party with the best of them.
  • You are talking door. Cover your garage door with regular brown paper. Wait for the big Halloween sale and collect all the motion-censored talking heads, witches, ghouls, monsters and goblins you can find. Hang them all on the door. On the move, they will all scream, howl and cackle at the same time.
  • Fortune teller’s tent. Inside the garage, set up or make a tent. Insert a round table, a tablecloth on the floor, a chair, an unknown light source, a deck of cards and a glass ball. Dress like a fortune teller or an old witch, with all the special effects. Trick-or-treaters will have to see you get their candy.
  • Design a gravestone. Wrap your garage door in grey, get letters and RIP!

Make this Halloween special. Dance in the barn, light up the cul-de-sac and have a blast!


Are you tired of traditional pumpkins and cotton spider webs? Give your outdoor Halloween display a boost with these ‘spooky’ ideas!


1. Porte ‘O Heads

Cover the front of your garage doors with plain black paper and, using temporary hooks, hang as many censored talking heads as you can find. You’ll discover ghouls, witches, zombies, and skeleton heads at most Halloween supply stores. When trick-or-treaters go by, your garage door will come alive with screams and giggles.

2. Oversized spider web

With your garage door open, thread cotton wool from corner to corner to create a large canvas. Use a fishing line to hang giant plastic spiders and other insects in front of and behind the web. Use strategically placed speakers to play running, crawling, and click sounds for an added touch of dread. You will have trick-or-treaters looking around their feet for scary caterpillars.

3. Who is your mom?

For a more family & friendly display, wrap the front of your garage door with strips of white kraft paper or toilet paper, then cut out a pair of eyes from construction paper and glue them in the centre of the door to make your mummy come alive.

4. House of Horrors

For easy and inexpensive display, purchase “Do Not Enter” or warning tape from a Halloween supply store and attached it to the front of your garage door. Increase the scaring factor by leaving your garage door open and placing puddles of plastic “blood” near the opening to make it look like it’s seeping in.

5. Scary scenes

Spread a white sheet over the exterior of your garage door and project classic Halloween movies or a spooky graveyard scene on the door. You will set the stage for your haunted house and attract the curious.

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