Here’s How to Get the New Clock and Camera App on Your Nexus or Pixel Phone

Google’s latest iteration to the Android OS is currently in the beta phases, and new changes are found almost every time the search giant issues a new update to testers. Recently, beta testers reported a new clock and camera app on the latest Android O update. The new apps are better than their previous iterations, and a developer by the name of krisyarno went and pulled the APK files from the Android O beta.

So, if you want the new apps on your Nougat-powered Pixel or Nexus smartphone, you can do so now, and thank the developer for doing you the favour.

Just enable the “Unknown Sources” setting, and download the APKs for both the apps. You can then install them just like any other APK on your smartphone, and use the Android O updated apps on your smartphone running Nougat.

Download the Clock app, and the Camera app.