How to fix Super Mario Run Error 804-5100

Nintendo finally broke the silence and released Super Mario Run on the Android platform. Just as expected, it’s a more than cool game. Super Mario Run is the completely overhaul of the original Super Mario game. It brings a new improved Super Mario character, new improved and designed from scratch enemies in the game. You will still find those old green pipes, those bricks with coins inside and the gift boxes with cakes, the only change is in the graphics which have been improved greatly. Super Mario Run has a story that the players are going to enjoy. Players will be going through different locations across the map to complete the given missions and earn rewards. Super Mario Run will bring back all your childhood memories, the game is just so much worth playing.

In the recent while, Nintendo has released games like Pokemon Go and Fire Emblem Heroes and it earned great respect. Nintendo took the security of its games quite seriously and made it almost impossible for shortcut-users to hack the game or even tweak a little bit of it. Users who tried to modify Pokemon Go were banned, and the users who had rooted devices, they were unable to play games like Fire Emblem Heroes. Something similar is happening in the case of Super Mario Run as well.

If you are an Android power user who has a rooted smartphone, unfortunately Super Mario Run is a bad news for you. The game will immediately give you the error 804-5100 error as soon as you open it on your rooted Android smartphone. This error is something that you can resolve, but it totally depends how you want to resolve it.

One way to get rid of the error 804-5100 is to re-install a stock firmware on your Android smartphone and then install the game after making sure you are no longer rooted. The other way is to try a workaround and see if you are falling in the bracket of luck. We have come across a solution, and it is listed below. Have a look on this little tweak and checkout how you can fix Super Mario Run error 804-5100.

Super Mario Run Error 804-5100 [Solved]

  1. Make sure you have Super Mario Run installed on your rooted Android smartphone.
  2. Force close Super Mario Run on your phone using the task manager.
  3. Using a file manager like ES File Explorer or Root Explorer, go to this location: /data/data/
  4. Erase the file located in the location you just go to in the step above.
  5. Restart your Super Mario Run, if it asks you to setup the Account, then set it up.
  6. You will no longer get the error now. That’s all.

If you are getting Error 804-6000 then the solution listed above may workout for you as well.