How To Increase Snapchat Score Instantly?


Did you know that the number displayed next your username is your Snapchat score? Since I’ve only been using Snapchat for a few months, I’m still learning how to become a pro with it. And as I do, I’m sharing my growing love of Snapchat with you. Snapchat score is basically the sum of all the snaps which is sent and received by you in this app. However, you do not receive a score for chats. It is estimated that every time you send a snap your score is increased by a point. You can also see the scores of your friends and some public profiles. There are various theories from which one can say that Snapchat score increases rapidly and they are :-


The more you share on your story page or with other Snapchat friends and followers, the more Snapchat points you’ll earn. Send picture messages back and forth, send videos, just do silly selfies with the fun filters on Snapchat and post them to your story page. Admittedly, I do this a lot—it’s just fun. When your snaps get opened, you’ll receive points as well.

How do I see how my points are broken down? Well, for Chat points, here’s how:

  • To see your Chat points, swipe left to the page that says “Chat,” then tap on the word “Chat.”
  • Now you’ll see two numbers displayed. The number on the left is how many snaps you’ve sent. So, the number on the right is how many snaps you’ve received, in Chat.

Now the number next to my username in Snapchat is much higher than these two numbers together. Where do the other points come from? Posting items to your story and viewing other Snappers’ stories also add to your Snapchat score.


    Add as many celebrities and famous snapchatters as you can. By celebrities, I mean people who have lots of followers, who will not necessarily reply to your snaps, who may never open your snaps for that matter. People who receive hundreds of fan snaps everyday.

    Take a picture and select all these celebrities as recipients. Send out your snap.

    Check your score.

    ○ Here are twenty celebrity Snapchat accounts you should add to your following:

    Sonam Kapoor. (@sonamakapoor)
    Sonakshi Sinha (@aslisonasnap)
    Neha Kakkar (@nehakakkarsnap)
    Jacqueline Fernandez (@jacqueen)
    Parineeti Chopra (@chopraparineeti)
    Athiya Shetty (@theathiyashetty)
    Lauren Gottlieb (@gott2blauren)
    Armaan Malik (@armaanlive)
    Rannvijay Singha (@rannvijaysingha)
    Raghu Ram (@ramraghu)
    Scarlett M Rose (scarlettrosegoa)
    VJ Bani (@ladyrocknrolla)
    Gaurav Gera (@hainji)
    Sapan Verma (@sapanverma)

    By adding celebrities to those you follow on Snapchat, not only do you get an inside look at their lives, you could also catch a glimpse from behind the scenes as well. The above list includes just some of the celebrities we enjoy following on Snapchat, and we hope you will, too.

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