How to Track Unfollowers on Instagram?

Find Unfollowers On Instagram!

InsTrack is the most popular app for Instagram community management. It provides powerful analytics and deep insights that empower brands to understand their community and evolve creatively.

Use InsTrack app so that you can guard your Instagram account and get so much insight. It’s fast, accurate and extremely intuitive. Tracking your followers on Instagram is almost instantaneous.

Unique Features:
– Notification for followers gain/loss
– Handle accounts up to 100k followers
– Find out who your best Instagram friends are
– Awesome and interactive shoutouts
– Fully featured user profile with slideshow
– Interactive and fun
– Fast and Intuitive

– Login using Instagram account
– Retrieve lists of followers and following
– Detect new followers and unfollowers
– Detect non-followers
– Detect fans
– Keep track of all unfollowers
– Open user profile on Instagram
– Create awesome InsTrack shoutout
– Share to Instagram, Twitter & Facebook
– Support following and unfollowing

Optional Packs:
– Blockers Detection
– Delete Likes and Comments
– Engagement Info
– User Insight Info
– Media Insight Info
– Best Friends Ranking
– Multiple Accounts
– History

You need an Instagram account to use this app!

For Android – (InstaFollow for Instagram)

Discover who unfollowed you on Instagram and who is not following you back, track gained and lost followers, find mutual friends, view fans plus more …
Use InstaFollow app to effectively manage your Instagram account and get so much insight. It’s fast, accurate and extremely intuitive.
Free Features:
– Detect and keep track of new followers + unfollowers
– Show non-followers, mutual friends and fans
– Follow/unfollow users
– View user profiles
– Support accounts up to 10,000 users
Premium (Optional Purchase)
– Detect and Keep Track of Blockers
– Support Multiple Accounts
– Remove Ads
Engagement (Optional Purchase):
– Ghost Followers
– Secret Admirers
– Best Followers
– Top Supporters, Likers and Commenters
User Insight (Optional Purchase):
– Sort Users Based on Activity Level, Popularity and Likability
Media Insight (Optional Purchase):
– Show Most and Least Popular/Liked/Commented Pictures and Videos
So next time you asked yourself ‘Who unfollowed me on Instagram?’ or ‘Who are my ghosts?’, just use InstaFollow. It will answer those question plus more. You’ll like it instantly.
Note: This apps is not affiliated with Instagram.