How to View Instagram Profile Picture UPDATED [2017]

How To See a Full-Size Profile Picture of Someone on Instagram?

Some people are disappointed with the fact that they cannot view someone’s Instagram profile picture more than that shown in that circle on the profile page? Well, now don’t be as I will share the trick which will allow you to view full-size profile picture on Instagram without any cropping.

  1. Open Instagram on your PC web browser. I will use Chrome browser for this guide.

    There is no requirement to log into Instagram in order to view anyone’s profile picture. But you can if you want to.

  2. You can directly navigate to the desired Instagram profile by entering the username in the URL like

    If you don’t know the username of the profile then you can login or use your username and then search the user using the search bar on your profile. For this example, let’s go to Saksham Bhargava Instagram Account

    Enter the username in the URL or search for the profile
  3. Once you are on the profile page of the Instagram account for which you want to see the profile picture, right click on the profile pic and select Open image in new tab.
  4. The image will be opened in the new tab. Now, you will have to edit the URL in the address bar. Remove – /s150x150 from the URL.

    For instance, the URL will be changed from –

  5. After modifying the URL, press Enter.

    Congratulations! Now you will see a large size Instagram profile picture on your computer screen for the first time. Similarly, you can visit other profiles and view their original large size profile picture.

    Note: If you don’t find the term –“/s150x150” in the image URL then the user has not uploaded a larger size image.We wish that you loved this trick.

    And if you really did do share it with your friends on social media and do follow me on Instagram.