This ‘Trash Dove’ Meme Has Taken Over The Internet, And Here’s What It ACTUALLY Means!

If you enjoy reading comments on popular Facebook pages, you must have seen a purple bird GIF sticker in the comments. It’s a new sticker that was recently added by the social media website and it has become very popular in a short span of time. These purples birds are called Trash Dove.

What is Trash Dove? What’s the story behind them?

You would have recently seen a lot of dove-like bird banging its heads on your Facebook timeline. Don’t worry, it is nothing unnatural, many of us have been experiencing the phenomenon suddenly. We dug and found out what was the new meme that the internet was fantasizing and seems that we have got the theory solved. Trash Dove was first drawn by a Florida-based illustrator in September 2016 and created a set of Facebook stickers in January 2017. The dove could also be used as emojis and netizens have been spamming people’s Facebook timelines with the head banging bird. Trash Dove is a Facebook sticker which has spread like wildfire over the internet, mainly in Asia. The cartoon is the baby of American artist Syd Weiler.

While some internet memes have been meaningful ones, others grab attention for no reason and go viral all over the world. However, the reason for it going viral is not sure. Some say that the dove represents ‘friend-zoning’ in Thai culture and is going viral around the Valentine’s Day. Trash Dove was almost non-existent until the February 10, it is only after it the emoji caught the attention of the internet users. Twitter was quick to make memes out of it and we have got a compilation for you.

What inspired Syd Weiler to create Trash Dove?

Weiler says that she got the sticker idea in Minneapolis. “I was sitting by a pond … and there were just pigeons everywhere. I had never thought about pigeons before. They’re funny little birds. They have really shiny, colorful, almost rainbow-y feathers, but then they bob around and waddle and beg for food. They’re like doves but they eat trash,” according to Mashable.

So, are you finding Trash Dove stickers amusing? Don’t forget to share your views and feedback.