Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Review: Bass That Will Blow Your Mind

Once upon a time, a geek began making a list of all the Bluetooth speakers available online, put elaborate tools like MS Excel to work, and successfully completed the list with time left for a wholesome cup of tea.

Of course, this is a fictitious story and completing that list in spite of countless cups of cappuccino or herbal teas is not achievable without a loss of sanity. But with that said, there are certain brands that have clenched my attention and Logitech’s Ultimate Ears, or fondly called UE, is one of them. And today, we’ll be taking a good glance at the great features of the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Wireless Bluetooth speaker (Rs. 4,999).

The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is solidly built and with the shape which might remind you of Jigglypuff (if you didn’t sleep while listening to it sing), it throws sound across a 360-degree sweep that will not only astound you at first but, also make you fall in love with it soon after. The Bluetooth speaker is not only loud and well-built, it also has a powerful bass that is capable of blowing your mind (literally, if you’re sitting in a small room).

And there’s a lot more to the songs of the WONDERBOOM’s praises, but let’s first take a look at its specifications.


Frequency Response80Hz - 20kHz
10 hours (Music)
<3 hours (Charging Time)
Wired ConnectionsNone
Noise Cancellation TechnologyNone
Charging PortMicro USB
PriceRs 5,995

Box Content

I love the peculiar packaging and the indulging way in which this sound beast await to be unlocked and unleashed. Here’s what all the box comes with:

  • Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM
  • Micro USB Cable for charging
  • Instruction manuals