WhatsApp for Android Set to Get a Brand New Look

WhatsApp for Android May Soon Move Attachment Button, Separate Video and Voice Calling Buttons  

WhatsApp is said to be testing specific business tools to begin its revenue stream, and is expected to launch the stable version sometime later in the year. However, in the meantime, WhatsApp is also tweaking few things here and there to just improve the everyday experience. The WhatsApp v2.17.93 beta for Android relocates the attachment button, and finally makes the voice and video call buttons separate, something that was exclusive only to iPhone users previously.

WhatsApp Calling Buttons Separated

First, when WhatsApp video was launched, the video calling feature was hidden underneath the call button on the top right edge. By clicking the ‘call’ button, two options used to pop up – one for voice call and one for video call – and you had to press the one you prefer. Now, WhatsApp is testing a separate video button in the latest beta version of Android to make the video calling button more visible to the users, and Android Police was the first one to spot this change.

WhatsApp Attachment Button Relocated

The new WhatsApp video call button for Android replaces the attachment button that used to sit next to the call button, and the attachment button has shifted to the bottom alongside the text bar. It sits right beside the camera icon which has also been redesigned. This enables the user to access all of the conversation related buttons in one place, and users will no more have to head on to the top edge just to attach an image or a file. For iPhone users, the attachment button is already alongside the text bar at the bottom of the screen.

Remember, these features are only available in beta for now, but will be launched for all Android users soon. If you can’t wait, join the WhatsApp beta community in Google Play or download it manually from APK Mirror here.