WhatsApp is reportedly adding 'Quick Edit Media Shortcut' feature to both Android and iPhone versions
WhatsApp is reportedly adding 'Quick Edit Media Shortcut' feature to both Android and iPhone versions

WhatsApp is adding a ‘Quick Edit Media Shortcut’ feature that will allow you to quickly edit media files you have sent or received on the instant messaging app, according to a report. The new feature is said to be in the pipeline for both Android and iOS platforms. WhatsApp earlier this month was spotted adding a ‘QR Code Shortcut’ to enable easy scanning and sharing of QR codes.

WhatsApp is the globally-recognised and highly-recommended instant messaging app. With a billion-plus userbase and millions of monthly active users, it is upon WhatsApp to ensure it stays on top of everything. Bringing ease of use and new features is one of the ways to keep the app fresh despite an ocean of other options out there.

To that end, WhatsApp continuously adds new features to its app in order to enhance the user experience. According to WABetaInfo, a beta tracking site for the popular app, WhatsApp is working on Quick Edit Media Shortcut feature that will allow users to easily edit files users have sent or received during a chat or group chat.

The new feature is not available yet, but the screenshots shared online to give a fair idea of how it will work. The upcoming WhatsApp feature will simplify making minor modifications to media files and send them or forward them in chats. Users will see a new “Edit” button upon opening a received or sent media file within the app.

As per the screenshots, a button called Edit will be available next to the share and favourite buttons on the WhatsApp for iPhone and WhatsApp for Android once you tap the media file you’ve sent or received on the app.

The dedicated button will bring the editing window to enable quick editing of the media content. Through this process, WhatsApp would reduce the steps that are currently required to edit a media file that you’ve sent or received in a chat or a group conversation.

As you can see, there is a new button called Edit, that, if tapped, WhatsApp will automatically redirect to the section that allows you to edit the media!

The same happens on Android, and we can provide a demo video:

WhatsApp at present doesn’t provide a native option to edit a media file that has been sent or received in chats and groups. However, you can download the media file first and then use the original media editing feature that is meant for tweaking the photos you send over WhatsApp.

Notably, the Quick Media Edit Shortcut won’t replace the existing media editing feature that is available only for the images that you’re set to send using WhatsApp. The new addition is also not likely to bring any new editing features. The leaked screenshots suggest that users will continue to have usual controls to crop, add text, and draw doodles.

WABetaInfo claims that while the new feature isn’t available yet, it will be a part of future WhatsApp for Android and iPhone versions.